Day 1: Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill Us)…

I have always loved Kelly Clarkson. I vividly remember watching her win the title of the first American Idol. Clutching her challenger tight, the anticipation building. Her name being announced as the winner. The joy and excitement stretched across her face. The confetti falling from the Heavens. A Moment Like This…

I have long since reflected on that one moment in time. What does it feel like to know all the hard work paid off? What does it mean to accomplish something so seemingly impossible? What will the future hold?

In December, I decided I was going to start my weight loss journey. By mid-January, the path to my goals was covered in a haze of self-doubt and self-imposed sabotage.

I decided I would rediscover my path and start a new journey.

I am presenting myself with a challenge – a very public challenge. Over the next 40 days, I will endeavor on a diet & exercise journey. With Kelly Clarkson as my inspiration, I will reflect on her wisdom, antidotes, and spirit to inspire change. I will also exercise exclusively to her catalog of hits. From Miss Independent to The Meaning of Life, I will attempt to not only lose weight, but strengthen my spirit and sense of self.

I will update you daily on my progress, as I strive to reach my goal weight by March 22nd – the day The Meaning of Life Tour rolls into Indy.

Starting Weight: 206.2 lbs.

Goal Weight: 190.0 lbs.

Let the challenge begin…

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