An “invincible” omelette + an organic protein shake

I will once again acknowledge that yesterday’s breakfast photo was less than desirable in appearance and composition. This morning, I have decided to step up my breakfast game. For your consideration, a Turkey & Goat Cheese Egg White Omelette with Avocado. I am topping off this little number with an Organic Chocolate Plant Based Protein Shake (made with organic unsweetened almond milk). Yes, I capitalized my main course and the accompanying beverage. In my own mind, I suppose all food should be “menu-capitalized” (and photo ready – despite yesterday’s photo fail).

I pushed myself a little further today at the gym. I would like to give a lot of the inspirational credit to Miss Kelly Clarkson. Her music inspires a second wind when my sails barely flicker in the wind. I am still fine tuning “The Meaning of Life Challenge” playlist. I should have a definitive list of tracks with corresponding average speeds by tomorrow. For now, I leave you with another ugly plate of food. To be fair and honest, I shot the omelette from ten different angles, with a couple of different lighting options. Below is my best shot.

Maybe I should stick to photographing myself and bouquets of flowers?

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