Day 6: “Never again…

…will I eat dinner at 10:00pm!”

Well, it happened earlier than I expected. While a day off from the gym to recharge my batteries was needed, I managed to gain weight. In fact, I gained 1.2 lbs. Normally, I would feel defeated and beat down. However, I do not feel like I have lost the battle.

Last night, I had a fantastic dinner with my very good friend Leah at Kona Grill. I treated myself to some delicious sushi and chicken and shrimp lettuce wraps. Do I regret my food choices? No. Why? Because under the circumstances, I made the healthiest decisions possible. And yes, in the true spirit of Kelly Clarkson, I had a glass of wine. Okay, I had three (and a Moscow Mule). To be honest, the majority of my interactions with our waitress consisted of lamenting over the carbohydrate counts of each dish. Why did I waste so much time fixating on a couple of extra carbs?

A large part of this challenge is to focus on living in the present, with the goal of becoming more mindful. Last night, I was unsuccessful at being an active part of the present. Instead, I dwelled on my past food mistakes and fixated on the imminent spike in my weight. Yes, I gained 1.2 lbs. The majority of this added weight is likely the sushi and lettuce wraps sitting in my stomach planning their exit strategy – waiting for the opportunity to make the great escape. Why am I so worried?

Habits are not easily broken, but neither is my will to succeed in this challenge.

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