Day 7: “The trouble with love is…”

“My happy weight changes. Sometimes I eat more; sometimes I play more. I’ll be different sizes all the time.” – Kelly Clarkson

What is my “happy weight”? I have set a target goal weight of 190 lbs. to achieve by the end of this 40 day challenge. Will I reach my goal? At this point, I don’t know if my body will allow me to lose 13 lbs. in a healthy way. Assuming I reach my goal, the bigger question remains. Will I be happy? If I continue to fixate on the fitness side of this challenge, I will not be successful. Wellness is a lifestyle choice. I have chosen to embrace this challenge and carve out a new path for myself.

In the aforementioned quote, Kelly tells us that she is “different sizes all the time”. Throughout the course of this short week, I have been different sizes. All of us are different sizes (and shapes). And the honest truth is that I am happy with myself most of the time.

Today, I will overcome one of my greatest fears – my first YouTube video. The intended location of this video and the circumstances surrounding it will force me to draw upon my confidence, and step out of my comfort zone. I will not feel alone, though. I have all of you supporting and encouraging me.

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