Behind these hazel eyes…

I have been re-reading my last two posts several times throughout the evening in an effort to try to understand the negativity I have toward the scale and my lack of tangible results. And after careful reflection, I have come to the conclusion that I am the only roadblock on the path to successfully completing this challenge. I have set manageable goals for myself, and I should be happy with the moderate rate at which I am achieving results. Ultimately, my will guides this journey.

Tonight, I had a breakthrough. After getting home from the office, I made the choice to go the gym. At first, I decided I would jog for for an hour at 4.3, which yields a total burn of roughly 500 calories. However, I was motivated to push past the negativity of the day, and go the distance.

In the following video, you will see just how amazing it feels to push through the bullshit and self-doubt. I achieved a fitness goal that I did not believe was possible. I believed enough in myself to say, “I am proud!”. And behind these hazel eyes is a self-confident, strong-willed man, who believes in himself and his accomplishments!

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