Correction: The Elephant…

Based on the feedback I have received from my last post, I want to clarify the “elephant” reference in the title. I do not think of myself as an elephant. People always talk about the “elephant in the room”, as a means of expressing the obvious in a given situation. The elephant is not me. The elephant is a manifestation of the apparent and lingering feelings I have toward being over 200 lbs.

I am afraid I will fail this challenge. Did I set clear, measurable goals and present myself with a realistic outlook from the beginning? I would like to think so. And is it okay to change or modify my expectations based on the challenges and triumphs of this journey?

The underlying question of this entry and this process remains:

If the scale reads 199.0 lbs, will I be happy? Will I stop dwelling on the digital numbers of the bathroom scale? Will I continue to let these roadblocks divert my judgement and common sense?

Right now, I don’t know.

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