Day 10: The Two Hundred Pound Elephant in the Room…

“I don’t really exude that ‘it’ factor” – Kelly Clarkson

I am ten days into “The Meaning of Life Wellness Challenge”, and I am a little disappointed with my results. Currently, I am sitting at a loss of 5.4 lbs., which is roughly a half a pound a day average. By healthy weight loss standards I am on the right track. However, I am still lingering above the 200 lb. line.

I desperately want to be under 200 again. I know I shouldn’t dwell on the numbers. I should be focusing on myself and overall health, not lamenting over a digital scale.

My realistic goal for the month is to be under 200 by February 28th., which means I have eight days to lose approximately a pound and some change. I think that once I break free from the clutches of a 200 pound weigh in, I can relax and focus on the other side of this challenge – me.

I know I said I would discourage conversation about numbers, but that little number two is eating at me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Leave your comments, suggestions, or well wishes. I could really use the support right now as I plow through the next 30 days.

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