“My Life Would Suck Without You…”

I had an awesome day, with maximum levels of positive energy and endless joy! As you can tell from my post, the amount of pride I have for my accomplishments is off the charts.

The Meaning of Life Challenge Playlist: Best Choice for High Energy Ending

I do not own the rights to this album artwork. I am simply using it as a point of reference for the song. Please do not bring a lawsuit against me. I do not make a dime off this blog.

I have explained the logistical application of “My Life Would Suck Without You” for a high energy ending to your run in my YouTube video. I highly recommend adding this track to any workout playlist. You will not regret the results. In fact, I personally smile the entire time I am listening to it. And yes, I am definitely lip syncing for my life on the treadmill. However, I would belt the crap out of this song, but I do not want or need the extra attention, especially at the gym.

Thank you for following me and my dreams:

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