Day 12: Run, Run, Run…

“And we fall through fate. And we rise and rise again.” – Kelly Clarkson & John Legend “Run, Run, Run”

In sharp contrast to the recent irregularities in my sleep patterns, I was able to achieve a solid seven hours of uninterrupted slumber. In an effort to maximize the amount our “head-to-pillow time”, Mikey and I made a conscious decision to keep the cats out of the bedroom. Ironically, I feel rested, invigorated, and ready to conquer my day.

I have exactly 28 days (or four weeks) left until this challenge comes to fruition. It would be easy to say I am less fixated on the end game. However, I would be lying. This morning, I traded the gym for sleep, which makes me feel guilty. Exercise and sleep are equally important components of this challenge. Total wellness is a group of cumulative processes working together for the common goal of health. My body is not quite a well-oiled machine. There are many components of this process I am still evaluating and modifying to fit into my life. However, I know that “piece by piece” I will rise – and rise again!

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