Day 16 (continued): “Whining-in” not “weighing-in”…

After re-reading and re-reading this morning’s post, I came to a realization. I am throwing a pity party with one attendee, me. I should not expect you to hold my hand through this process. I should not expect results overnight. I should not expect to have all of my dreams come true without putting in the work. Results and dreams are earned achievements. Did Kelly Clarkson phone it in? No.

Then, I started to reflect on and examine the portrait of my life at this time last year. What was I like? How was I feeling? At the time, I did not blog or journal. I had to find a source of information detailing my journey. I turned my attention to the photo gallery on my Samsung, where I found these “before-before” photos:

March 17, 2018: My heaviest weight at 230 lbs.

I realized that to truly move forward, I had to take several more steps backward. After a careful examination of my physical self on March 17, 2018, I realized I have always been on this journey. My life and my pursuits do not end with this challenge. My weight and appearance will change and fluctuate. My hairstyle will differ from season to season. I will have a tramp-stamp fairy on the small of my back for all eternity (hopefully not). I will try not to smile in photos, even though I know I can and should.

The point is “The Meaning of Life Wellness Challenge” is not my complete, finite journey. This challenge is a microcosm on the spectrum of my life. If I continue to motivate and inspire myself to create healthy habits, both mentally and physically, I will remain on the right path.

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