Day 19: Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd…

“You never know who you are going to meet and where that could lead.” – Kelly Clarkson

“Hartelijk gefeliciteerd.” Most of you have absolutely no clue what this phrase means, or the country of origin and language. Granted, you could use Google Translate to figure it out. However, to save you the trouble, I will let you know that the expression is, in fact, Dutch, and roughly translates to “Happy Birthday”. As we all know, Kelly Clarkson’s birthday falls on April 24th., not March 1st. Why would I title my blog entry with a common Dutch saying?

Well, for the better part of five years, I lived in The Netherlands – Haarlem to be exact. I have heard this expression many times on numerous occasions. I associate overwhelming amounts of joy and carefree celebrations with every utterance of “hartelijk gefeliciteerd”. And it just so happens to be a very joyous occasion, Mikey’s birthday.

This is the second birthday I have the pleasure of celebrating with him. And, honestly, he allows for a stress-free planning process. Mikey requires very little to be happy, unlike me. His attachment to material objects is minimal, giving me the opportunity to be more creative and thoughtful. For example, a simple tangy lemon cupcake, a meaningful birthday card, and a homecooked meal were the components of last year’s celebration.

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd, Mikey! I hope all of your deepest wishes and wildest dreams come true. I love you.

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