Day 20: The Halfway Point…

“We are who we are. Whatever size.” – Kelly Clarkson

I am struggling to get my self together. Heavy congestion and intermittent fits of coughing are plaguing my morning routine. I have decided against traveling to Anytime Fitness. A large component of this challenge is to become more self-aware. My body is screaming into my ear, “Rest!” – and so I have decided to listen.

The plan for my day is largely uneventful in nature. I will head to the office. Lease some apartments. Lather, rinse, repeat!

I want to acknowledge the significance of today – the halfway point on this leg of my journey. I have managed to commit myself to 20 days of hard work and determination for this challenge. I have blogged daily, which is by far one of the greatest accomplishments thus far. Generally, I would start a blog or journal and after a week discontinue the writing process. However, in writing this blog and sharing my life with all of you, I have been motivated to write daily.

In addition, I have attended the gym at least five days a week (roughly three and a half hours per week). I have changed my eating habits – cutting out soda and sugary juices. Though I thoroughly enjoy a warm apple fritter from Jack’s Donuts, carbohydrates are facing extinction. I am happier, healthier and I love myself more each day.

I am who I am. Whatever size (and shape)…

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