Flipping and flopping…

On several occasions, I have stated that I will focus less on statistics and measurements and more on overall results and mindfulness. I think I have flip-flopped on this issue at least once a week since the beginning of this challenge. And as I hop back on the proverbial horse, I am choosing to recognize the importance of celebrating victories and milestones, even if they come in the form of numbers and pounds lost.

This morning, I pulled off my best time on the treadmill. Averaging less than 12 minutes per mile, I have managed to achieve something wonderful and worth sharing with all of you. In addition, I am providing you with a long overdue video blog. Success is not always measurable and should not always be measured. However, a single success (even a measured one) is still a success.

One thought on “Flipping and flopping…

  1. #dontbeanasshole. Love it!! You are doing great! I know this process is so hard and it’s so easy to start doubting yourself. Congrats on your milestone at the gym! That is a big deal!!!


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