Day 37: “Three to get ready…”

“It’s amazing to impact people’s lives – it’s a cool thing to have the spotlight and be able to reassure people, to say, ‘It’s OK to be you.” – Kelly Clarkson

The majority of blog entries are written in the solitude of my living room before the sun breaks the skyline. This morning is no exception. I have my cup of organic Italian roast topped off with some coconut/almond French vanilla creamer riding shotgun. And after typing the last sentence, I realize I sound like a pretentious toolbox. On the other hand, I know how I like my coffee in the morning. Did I mention the creamer is organic and non-GMO?

In other news, I have a three day work week. I am already stressing out. The Herculean task of completing 40+ hours of work, in the sum total of a day, has fallen on my shoulders. To be fair, I created this challenge for myself by taking two PTO days for the Meaning of Life Tour on Friday.

Have I mentioned that Kelly Clarkson will be in Indianapolis on March 22nd.?

The last statement was my veiled attempt at sarcasm. It’s too early to be witty. But, I tried. And now, I will finish my pretentious cup of suburban java, devour some spinach and egg whites, and prepare for the longest, shortest week of the year. As the old adage goes: “One for the money. Two for the show. Three to get ready. And four, let’s go!”

Have a great day, y’all! And remember, don’t be an asshole!

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