Day 43: The Challenge continues…

The past couple of days have been spent enjoying my engagement to Mikey. It has been a time to reflect, rejoice and rest. I feel refreshed, and ready to start the next leg of my journey. The next challenge begins.

The problem is that I am finding it difficult to get to the heart of the next challenge. The past six weeks have been filled with milestones and achieved goals. The impossible was made possible (several times over). I have everything I could want and need. However, I am left wanting and needing more. What does that mean?

I am in the process of revamping this blog, which is a minor goal. This blog is my mouthpiece to the universe, and it deserves my attention. I am evolving, and my forum of expression should evolve concurrently.

This afternoon, I headed back to the gym, which felt so good. The gym is no longer a source of stress, but a sanctuary of solace. For the first time, I am happy with myself at the gym, and proud of my accomplishments.

I simply need to focus on the healing power of reflection, and continue to embrace the wonderful present. The future is bright, and I will embrace it.

Have a great day, y’all. Don’t be an asshole!

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