Day 46: To my niece, Harlan…

Every night you lie with me
When I wake you’re still here
I don’t know if I ever could find
Someone as kind and dear
No one gets me like you do
You can tell by my smile
I’m gonna miss you so much while you sleep
But know that I’m by your side

River Rose’s Magical Lullaby – Kelly Clarkson

This is my niece Harlan Nordika von Drachenberg, and she is beautiful! I love her so much and this post is dedicated to her. I wanted to share her with all of you, because she is not only a miracle, but one of my greatest joys!

She loves music! And will probably be a world class singer, like her mother!

She is so special, and amazing, and beautiful! I hope you all fall in love with her the way I have. By the way, her hair naturally grows into a fauxhawk. I am not joking! Love each other, leave me some love. And don’t be an… well you know. This is a G-rated blog post!

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