Day 52: The Delay…

“I’ve always believed the big world is real. I know I’ll find the perfect kid for me, but I’m starting to wonder with no evidence, no proof, what if it’s not true?” – Kelly Clarkson as Moxy (from UglyDolls)

The title this blog post has a two-fold meaning. The first delay refers to my three day hiatus from WordPress and a temporary abandonment of this challenge. I have been under the weather, combating a paralyzing stomach bug of dysentery like proportions. Sorry if that is too much information. I am also still recovering from the Kelly Clarkson Concert Crash, and I am trying not to burn.

The second delay is the shipment of my UglyDolls Talking Moxy Doll (voiced by Kelly Clarkson). I was supposed to receive it through Amazon this afternoon. I have since found out it won’t be delivered until the beginning of May.

I might as well have dysentery. I am super bummed. I guess I will have to wait. In the meantime, I leave you with the trailer for UglyDolls, because it’s broken and beautiful. Like all of us…

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