Day 57: “I just don’t shut up!”

Kelly Clarkson discussing her new talk show:

“Because I’m like, ‘How do I listen?’ I was not good at listening. I just don’t shut up. I think I’m going to be really good at all the other things – just not that one. But I like a challenge.”

“Practice with your husband!”

Listening is not an art form, but rather a learned function of the human intereaction. Good listening skills are acquirable and attainable. I would like to believe I am a good listener. My chosen profession requires me to actively listen to people – colleagues, residents, and prospects alike.

Hearing is the real challenge. And I can categorically say my hearing skills are poor, at best. In fact, more often than not, I only hear what I want to (not what I need to). Perhaps, I will work on my hearing skills – yet another challenge I am willing to accept. But how will I tangibly measure the skill of actually hearing someone? I am open to suggestions.

In other news, I returned to the gym this afternoon. I am ready to hop back on the horse. Please, hold me accountable this week. I need to be held accountable.

Give someone a hug! Do something good for humanity! And remember, don’t be an asshole! Until tomorrow, y’all!

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