Day 47/48: I didn’t forget…

“God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress.” – Kelly Clarkson

As I reflect on Kelly’s quote, I feel so far removed from this blog and challenge. Yesterday, I did not post on my blog. My streak of 46 days in a row of entries was broken. I feel so guilty. Devouring a double cheeseburger with fries dipped in ranch dressing would make me feel less guilty. I am trying to understand my feelings, but I cannot. Why did I fail to post a blog entry? What was more important?

I didn’t forget.

I am open to suggestions on how to fix this problem, or even a healthy, constructive psychological analysis of the situation. Help me figure this out. I need some supportive guidance. I need feedback and direction. Please.

Day 46: To my niece, Harlan…

Every night you lie with me
When I wake you’re still here
I don’t know if I ever could find
Someone as kind and dear
No one gets me like you do
You can tell by my smile
I’m gonna miss you so much while you sleep
But know that I’m by your side

River Rose’s Magical Lullaby – Kelly Clarkson

This is my niece Harlan Nordika von Drachenberg, and she is beautiful! I love her so much and this post is dedicated to her. I wanted to share her with all of you, because she is not only a miracle, but one of my greatest joys!

She loves music! And will probably be a world class singer, like her mother!

She is so special, and amazing, and beautiful! I hope you all fall in love with her the way I have. By the way, her hair naturally grows into a fauxhawk. I am not joking! Love each other, leave me some love. And don’t be an… well you know. This is a G-rated blog post!

Day 44: In Memoriam…

There are moments that the words don’t reach.
There’s a grace too powerful to name.
We push away what we can never understand.
We push away the unimaginable.
They are standing in the garden,
Standing there side by side.
She takes his hand.
It’s quiet uptown.

It’s Quiet Uptown – Hamilton (as sung by Kelly Clarkson)

I am dedicating this blog post to my dear friend Kim. This morning, her pitbull Blue left our world and went to Heaven. I cannot imagine the pain and sadness she must be feeling right now. The loss of a family member, especially a canine brother or sister, is never easy to endure.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you find comfort and serenity in the knowledge that Blue is at peace. Rest in peace.

Day 43: The Challenge continues…

The past couple of days have been spent enjoying my engagement to Mikey. It has been a time to reflect, rejoice and rest. I feel refreshed, and ready to start the next leg of my journey. The next challenge begins.

The problem is that I am finding it difficult to get to the heart of the next challenge. The past six weeks have been filled with milestones and achieved goals. The impossible was made possible (several times over). I have everything I could want and need. However, I am left wanting and needing more. What does that mean?

I am in the process of revamping this blog, which is a minor goal. This blog is my mouthpiece to the universe, and it deserves my attention. I am evolving, and my forum of expression should evolve concurrently.

This afternoon, I headed back to the gym, which felt so good. The gym is no longer a source of stress, but a sanctuary of solace. For the first time, I am happy with myself at the gym, and proud of my accomplishments.

I simply need to focus on the healing power of reflection, and continue to embrace the wonderful present. The future is bright, and I will embrace it.

Have a great day, y’all. Don’t be an asshole!

Day 42: Under Construction

I have decided to start the process of revamping my blog. I am going to shift my main focus from a complete Kelly Clarkson themed blog to something more personalized, with a heavy focus on myself. Don’t get me wrong, Kelly will continue to be a heavy influence on my life and this blog. However, I need to “breakaway” and transition into the next phase of my journey. I know Kelly would understand.

I am working on new banners and themes, and I would really love your opinion. If you have a background in graphic design, that would also be super helpful. All thoughts, feelings, comments and opinions are welcome. I want everyone’s input to make this blog special and unique. For your consideration:

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

I look forward to hearing from you and continuing to share my life with you. Have a wonderful evening! And remember, don’t be an asshole!

Day 41: I said, “Yes!”…

“All the shine of a thousand spotlights. All the stars we steal from the night sky will never be enough. Never be enough. Towers of gold are still too little. These hands could hold the world, but it’ll never be enough. Never be enough, for me. Never…” – Kelly Clarkson (Never Enough from The Greatest Showman Reimagined)

Last night, Mikey made the impossible possible. During our song “Never Enough” at the Kelly Clarkson concert, he lowered to one knee and proposed. I will let the video express what I cannot in words. Needless to say, I said “Yes!”. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with Mikey, and so glad I can share this wonderful engagement with all of you. Thank you.