Day 40: The Impossible is Possible…

“Everyone is different: different shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, personalities, and you have to celebrate those differences.” – Kelly Clarkson

The impossible is possible. I have completed the Meaning of Life Tour 40 Day Wellness Challenge, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The past 40 days have been some of the most positive and introspective of my life.

The Physical

I started my journey by fixating on the numbers, waging war with the scale. Each morning was a digital dance with gravity. Often, I felt like I was fighting a battle of lost causes, not pounds. In contrast, I am ending this challenge by reflecting on my personal victory over the scale. I started this challenge at 206.2 lbs. This morning, I weighted in at 191.2 lbs. for a total loss of 15 pounds! I am beyond proud of myself. The biggest takeaway I can visual see is that I really need a pedicure. I mean, look at those paws. Woof!

In addition, my waist size has dropped three belt notches from 36 to 33 inches. I attached these before and after photos for visual perspective. From left to right: March 17, 2018, January 31, 2019, March 22, 2019.

While I didn’t start this challenge on March 17, 2018, I feel like its important to remind you of where the weight loss portion of my journey began. This process started over a year ago. The point of this challenge was to motivate me to change my life – a complete and total change. The physical aspect of my journey is actually very important. My inside more closely resembles my outside. A year ago, I tipped the scale at 230 lbs. Today, I weighed in at 191.2 lbs. A thirty-nine pound loss, by anyone’s standard, is a victory.

The Mental & Emotional

Mindfulness was also an important component of this challenge. This whole challenge was actually born from a conversation with my community manager. During our monthly one-on-one, she asked me about my goals for the quarter. In addition to sales and prospect goals, I told her I had a personal goal to be more mindful.

How do you measure mindfulness? How do you measure the idea of living in the present?

A couple of days later, I came up with the Meaning of Life Tour 40 Day Diet & Exercise Challenge, and after a week (and reflection), “Diet & Exercise” was replaced with the word “Wellness”. I felt like the only way I could truly measure mindfulness was by blogging and reflecting on my posts. The only stipulation was that I had to blog at least once a day. One post, each day to share my life with you. As I reflected on my experiences and how I wanted to convey this blog to all of you, I kept thinking about Kelly Clarkson.

At the beginning of this challenge, Kelly Clarkson was a main character in my story. Her vibrant personality, off-the-wall quotes, uplifting songs, and overall awesomeness served as the foundation upon which to build my blog, and express my thoughts and feelings. However, after 40 days, I realize she is not a main character.

Kelly Clarkson is a supportive player. And I am by no means downgrading her importance to me. Her music has been the soundtrack of my life. From the highest of highs to the depths of “have you ever felt low”, she has been a constant comfort. Like her music, she is an important piece of my puzzle. The true main character in my life is Mikey. And before I started this challenge, I took that fact for granted.

The Future

I am not a fortune teller. I can’t predict the future from a saucer of tea leaves. I do not own a crystal ball. However, I have faith in God and the Universe that my journey will be full of unending joy, fearless laughter, and everlasting love. With Mikey’s steadfast love and support in my heart, and Kelly’s inspirational voice in my ear, I know everything will be alright. Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you. Thank you for taking the time to support my journey. I have nothing but gratitude for you. I am thankful.

Day 39: “Two for the show…”

“Honestly, I just think we all have special gifts, everyone. You know, obviously, some are more noticeable than others and that’s why there’s the limelight. Everybody’s in it.” – Kelly Clarkson

Tomorrow, the Meaning of Life Tour 40 Day Wellness Challenge reaches it’s “first” conclusion. As many of you know, I am extending this challenge by 50 days. I do not want this journey to end at 40 days. I have more to achieve, and I need this blog and all of your support to guide me through this process. Asking for help has never been easy for me. For too many years, I was an army of one – dependent only on myself to navigate the hills and valleys of life. Sure, I had the support of my family and a few close friends. But I never asked for help, even when I truly needed it.

I need help. I need your support.

Tomorrow, Kelly Clarkson takes the stage at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. I have waited more months than I can count for this moment – “a moment like this”. Several years ago, I wrote a letter to Kelly Clarkson. I believe I have re-written, re-vamped, and revised the context of the letter at least once or twice yearly to reflect the changes in my life. How do you explain to your Idol how much they have impacted your life? How could she know? I never sent the letter.

Tonight, I am going to make my final revisions and put the letter out into the inbox of the Universe. All I have is love, and all I have to give is love. Have a great day, y’all. And thank you for your support, grace and kindness!

Day 37: “Three to get ready…”

“It’s amazing to impact people’s lives – it’s a cool thing to have the spotlight and be able to reassure people, to say, ‘It’s OK to be you.” – Kelly Clarkson

The majority of blog entries are written in the solitude of my living room before the sun breaks the skyline. This morning is no exception. I have my cup of organic Italian roast topped off with some coconut/almond French vanilla creamer riding shotgun. And after typing the last sentence, I realize I sound like a pretentious toolbox. On the other hand, I know how I like my coffee in the morning. Did I mention the creamer is organic and non-GMO?

In other news, I have a three day work week. I am already stressing out. The Herculean task of completing 40+ hours of work, in the sum total of a day, has fallen on my shoulders. To be fair, I created this challenge for myself by taking two PTO days for the Meaning of Life Tour on Friday.

Have I mentioned that Kelly Clarkson will be in Indianapolis on March 22nd.?

The last statement was my veiled attempt at sarcasm. It’s too early to be witty. But, I tried. And now, I will finish my pretentious cup of suburban java, devour some spinach and egg whites, and prepare for the longest, shortest week of the year. As the old adage goes: “One for the money. Two for the show. Three to get ready. And four, let’s go!”

Have a great day, y’all! And remember, don’t be an asshole!

Day 36: A Video Blog Recap…

“This is my life; these are my fingerprints; I’m unique; this is what I want to do. You worry about your own front porch and what’s happening in your own world.” – Kelly Clarkson

For your consideration, a video blog update – complete with some witty banter and an ounce (or two) of charming repartee. And though I am learning to love myself on camera, I have to comment on the capture photo for this video. What is up with all the cheese in that smile? I do not smile, but I am tonight! Enjoy! And remember, don’t be an asshole!

Day 36: The Four Day Push…

“I sound the same regardless if I’m 20 pounds heavier or 20 pounds light, and I think that’s the key thing with my fans and why they continue to be loyal because I’m that type of person.” – Kelly Clarkson

Yesterday, I failed to control my food and alcohol consumption. However, I have emerged from Saint Patrick’s mischievous clutches to push forward in these last four days of the Meaning of Life Tour: 40 Day Wellness Challenge. For your consideration, I will be posting a video blog update later this evening on my progress – complete with some witty banter and an ounce (or two) of charming repartee. Enjoy! And remember, don’t be an asshole!

Day 34: Thankful.

That I’m thankful
For the blessing
And the lessons that I’ve learned with you
By my side
That I’m thankful so thankful for the love
That you keep bringing in my life
In my life
Thankful, so thankful

Kelly Clarkson Thankful

Dear Readers,

With less than a week remaining in this challenge, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support. When I started this blog, I thought maybe a couple of people would take a peak into my life. Perhaps, a family member or close friend would leave a nice comment or “like” my post. I never thought I would have over a 1,000 views and almost 700 visitors.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

When I am struggling, or feel like discontinuing this challenge, you are there to lift me up and set me straight. Thank you. As the first leg of my journey draws to a close, I want to inform everyone that I am extending this challenge by 50 more days for a grand total of 90. I am excited to move forward, and with your continued support, I know I will achieve my goals. You inspire me to be better.

Have an awesome weekend! And, don’t be an asshole!



Day 33: One Week: Part 1

“If I can wake up everyday before I die and know that I don’t have to serve anyone food or drinks, I will be happy!” – Kelly Clarkson

The workload is piling up here at the office, so my first entry of the day will be short. After reflecting on past entries and reflecting on their content, I realized I am very much self-focused in this challenge, which is great from a “working on me” perspective. However, I need to include more content featuring the people who make my life amazing.

Tonight, I have decided to include a surprise guest on my video blog. And the best part is he or she has no idea. Stay tuned. And don’t be an asshole!