Day 25: Juggling Elephants

“I’m not really good at time management, and I’m always putting everybody before me.” – Kelly Clarkson (USA Today)

The title of this blog might be misleading. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the elephant in the room and faced minor criticism as a result. There was some confusion over the metaphoric versus literal nature of the elephant. While their hearts were in the right place, some of my readers thought I was negatively referring to myself as “elephant”. In order to avoid confusion, I would like to clarify the title of this submission.

“Juggling Elephants” does not refer to me, or anything related to my weight or self-image. In fact, it is the title of a professional development book I am currently reading as part of my company’s book club. I am lucky enough to work for a company with a primary focus on total employee development. This book is a minute piece of my giant developmental puzzle.

Basically, we are the ringmaster of our own three ring circus. The three rings represent different aspects of our life. In my circus, the three rings are personal (self), family, and professional – though not always in that order. As the ringmaster, we must be vigilant in focusing are attention on the ring most relevant and important in the moment – to balance our time and prioritize our needs. Perhaps, this read will help me further develop the area of mindfulness on my wellness journey…