Day 60: It’s 5:00am…

Beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall
Cause I can take on so much more than I had ever dreamed
So beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall
Cause baby, I am ready to be free –
Kelly Clarkson

This morning, my intentions were clear. Get up early, stretch my body, and head to the gym for an early workout. Well, I accomplished one of three. Can you guess which? That is right; I got out of bed at 5:00am. Though it sounds like an excuse, I am simply too tired. In fact, I am physically and mentally exhausted throughout the majority of the day.

I am not sick. I do not believe I suffer from depression or “being bummed out”. I have triumphed over the “Kelly Slump” post-concert. So, what is the deal? I am clearly motivated to challenge myself and achieve my goals. I simply need to push through this “case of the blahs”.  Does anyone have any advice?

As I continue to sort through my feelings and possible explanations for my exhaustion, I leave you with my personal morning motivation (courtesy of Kelly Clarkson):

Day 54: “Can I just be tired?”

I’m tired. Can I just be tired? Without piling on all sad and scared and out of time. I’m wild. Can I just be wild? Without feeling like I’m failing and I’m losing my mind.

– “Broken & Beautiful” by Kelly Clarkson

“I’m broken and it’s beautiful!”

I am tired. I am tired all the time. And I realize “being tired” is a poor excuse for not spending fifteen to twenty minutes (or more) writing a blog post. The truth is the process of pulling myself out of the “Post-Kelly Clarkson Concert Blues” has been more of a challenge than I anticipated.

I have abandoned my morning commute to the gym for an extra two hours of sleep. My food choices have become less healthy and more carb friendly. I feel like I am failing this challenge, and I have all but lost my mind.

Well, I have decided enough of this nonsense. Back on the horse. I’m broken and it’s beautiful, dammit! I just need all of you to hold me accountable. Will you help me? Please.

And remember, don’t be an asshole!